Coiled Tubing Services


Coiled tubing has more than 45 unique uses, including:

  • Plug Millouts
  • Component Retrieval/Fishing
  • Cleanout/TCPs
  • Coil Frac
  • Spotting Acid
  • Cement Squeezes
  • Velocity strings

Our 2 3/8" coiled tubing units can perform any of these services and many more.


Additional Services

In addition to coiled tubing, Mid-Atlantic can provide standalone quintuplex and triplex double fluid pumps, nitrogen pumps, and crane services.

Quintuplex & Triplex Double Pumpers

We have quintuplex and triplex fluid pumps which are perfect for multiple uses in addition to coiled tubing, including rig-assist pumping, toe sleeve initiations, and pressure testing.


Nitrogen Pumping

Mid-Atlantic offers multiple nitrogen pump services utilizing either 2,000 or 3,000 gallon flameless nitrogen pumps.


Crane Services

We have the ability to perform standalone crane services with either 55-ton or 110-tn crane options.